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Oct 25, 2022

Hello and welcome to episode 146 of the ACPG podcast and a return to the weekly format to see us to the end of the year and the end of season four.

This week Ben is zooming with Dante from the band GUN, as well as the return of a season three guest Ewan Macfarlane for a special doulbe bubble.

Ben spoke to Dante and Ewan about their respective new albums.

The Calton Songs’ is an album that takes its name from the area of Glasgow where the band grew up, and where they still write their music. This record is about celebrating the road that GUN have taken to reach this point, these new versions of great songs are cut through with un-ironic nostalgia but this is a band with an eye on the horizon for what’s to come, not what’s over their shoulder in the past
With his persistent, near-obsessive approach to making music still his driving force, Ewan began writing and recording new material almost immediately after the release of his acclaimed debut ‘Always Everlong’. Honing this new clutch of songs almost relentlessly since, the resultant record, ‘Milk’, was recorded, produced and performed almost exclusively from his Royale Stag studio at home in Scotland. With additional bass parts added by Andy McCafferty, the record was given its final mix by friend and bandmate Ashley Krajewski (of Apollo 440) and mastered by Chris Pavey.
Thank you to Thom for setting up the interviews and thank you to Dante and Ewan for being on the episode.