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Oct 5, 2021

Hello and welcome to episode 118 of ACPG Podcast.

This week we take our first, virtual at least, trip to Denmark and our first Danish guest Jonas Bjerre of the band Mew and his new musical venture TACHYS.

Ben caught up with Jonas one Friday morning before he (Jonas) had to catch a flight to Helsinki.

Ben and Jonas mainly spoke about his new band TACHYS which is about 35 years or so in the making. Jonas and Toby, the other half of TACHYS have been friends for a long time and not officially made any music since they were kids, besides the odd remix here and there. But the pandemic gave them the opportunity to work together, and now we have TACHYS.

Thank you to Jonas for speaking to us and thank you to Terry for support with setting up the interview

We hope you enjoy this episode.