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Nov 14, 2017

This week Ben is back stage at the Centre For Life in Newcastle speaking to Paul Smith from Maximo Park.


In this opening episode, we discuss how Maximo go about their song writing process, whilst touching on how the lyrical content has evolved since the early days.


Paul has boundless energy on stage, which he explains flows through into their practice sessions as well, and how stage craft is something important to him, whether it’s something as simple as holding a book up as part of a song, or general movement (he’s got a good jump in his locker).


Sharp dressing is also another of Paul’s strong suits, so we couldn’t avoid discussing his image and why that is important to the way he and the band present themselves.


Finally, the good cause of the week is Food Banks, which is a really great. A simple thing, to help ensure those who struggle to get a square meal each day, have a means to get some valuable nutrition. A general point around looking after each other and having a caring society is clearly something close to Paul’s heart which we applaud.


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